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The Redefined Aussie Property Dream | The Today Show | Claire Madden

The Aussie Dream Claire Madden was interviewed on The Today Show on Channel 9 to discuss the Aussie Property Dream, and if it is still a reality for Australians. Research analysed in the CommBank Connected Future Report shows that 48% of Aussie's still think the Aussie property dream is alive and well, and for others it is being redefined. Gen Y as First Home Buyers The report reveals that while Gen Y (also known as the Millennials) are delaying traditional life events such as marriage (which is now 29.8 years for females and 31.8 for males), and having fewer children (with the total fertility rate at 1.81 compared to 3.5 in 1961), the average age of a first home buyer has remained relatively constant over the last two decades, hovering around 32 years of age. Clearly there remains a strong drive towards property ownership throughout the generations.  However, as Gen Y (born 1980-1994) are reaching the life-marker of taking out a mortgage, what they are buying has changed dramatically from the experience of their Baby Boomer counterparts.   About Claire: Claire Madden is a social researcher, demographer and keynote speaker. To enquire about Claire assisting your organisation, please get in touch, email, or call +61 2 8091 4321. Sources: CommBank Connected Future Report, Australian Bureau of Statistics; 3310.0. Marriages and Divorces, Australia, 2015, Australian Bureau of Statistics; 3301.0. Year Book Australia, 2007.          

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CommBank Connected Future Report | Claire Madden

Is the Aussie Property Dream Still a Reality? As a demographer and social researcher, Claire Madden was commissioned by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia to author the CommBank Connected Future Report. The research measured Australian's optimism across a range of areas; including if Australian businesses are ready to face the future, if our kids' have the skills they will need for tomorrow, and if the Australian property dream is still alive and well. The report revealed that although traditional life markers such as the age people are getting married and having children have been delayed over the last few decades, the average age of a first home buyer has remained relatively consistent for the last two decades, hovering at 32 years of age. Whilst 48% of Aussie's believe that the Australian property dream is still a reality, for others it is clearly being redefined. Whilst the Baby Boomers were looking for the quarter acre block with a stand-alone home, as Gen Y are entering the property market, it is likely to be smaller block sizes and an increase in units and apartments. However the report shows that the Aussie dream remains high on the aspiration list, with today's property buyers overcoming obstacles and responding to new realities to find a way to keep the re-defined dream alive. As a demographer, Claire is commissioned by some of Australia’s largest companies and leading brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society.  To get in touch, or to invite Claire to speak at your upcoming event or conference, please get in touch or email 

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Working from home… is it more productive? Sky News Business | Claire Madden

The working from home trend: Improved technology, increased connectivity, faster broadband and cloud based apps have redefined work for Australians, with many now opting for a new flexi-work life with more time spent working from home.  But how does this impact productivity?  Research released by Telsyte reveals that 84% of businesses now have systems in place to allow staff to work from home, with 56% of these saying they do so because it increases productivity. Carson Scott interviewed Claire Madden and Amber Chandler on Sky News Business to discuss the working from home trends, what this looks like for the Millennials (Gen Ys), and what the legal implications are for workplaces.  Click here to view the full interview.   Claire Madden is a social researcher and keynote speaker. To engage Claire as a speaker or researcher, please get in touch.

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