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“Instafamous”: Gen Zs and the Rise of the Personal Brand

The rise of social media has embedded personal brand management - previously the purview of celebrities and other renowned figures - into the everyday social mores of the emerging generations. At the same time, these platforms have made "fame" seem more accessible than ever before. From celebrity bloggers to YouTube celebrities, to being ‘Instafamous’, many Gen Zs believe they have the potential to be a celebrity. As Jess (b.1999) ­– one of the 100 members of Generation Z interviewed as part of Hello Gen Z ­– noted: “My friends will go on for hours talking about YouTube celebrities – people who have just got famous on YouTube. That’s a new generation of celebrity in itself. They have their own meet and greets, merchandise, they release their own books and cosmetics…”  One of the favourite platforms of Gen Z is Instagram and its use continues to evolve. Managing your personal brand, as many Gen Zs on social media are doing on a daily basis, takes time and focus. People will intentionally develop certain themes and styles so all the photos look like they are part of the same set. Even after posting, the pictures are monitored to ensure they are performing. Images that did not generate a good response are quickly culled, and photos may be deleted after posting if they don’t fit in with the overall profile of that Gen Z. This extensive personal brand management can even affect the ways that Gen Zs relate to their friends. As Taya (b.2001) described, “I have friends who sit at school and they may have 130 likes on their photo but they go through it to see who has liked it and bring it up with you [...]

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