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Claire Madden on The Daily Edition, Channel 7: Millennials Boomerang Back Home

Claire Madden joined Tom Williams and Sally Obermeder on Channel 7's The Daily Edition to talk about the rise of the Boomerang Generation. When it comes to major life milestones, moving out of home is right up there... or is it? According to new research from the London School of Economics, parents' wellbeing may decline when adult children return to their family home. Once the parents have become empty nesters, where all of their children have moved out, grown children returning home could have a negative impact on their wellbeing. There are a range of reasons why grown children may return to their parents' home. It can often be related to a life situation change, such as a relationship breakdown, loss of a job, a period of unemployment, or the health needs of the parents. Often, however, the key driver is finance, associated with the rising costs of living, as well as the difficulties attached to entering the property market. While societal perceptions of adulthood may place a high value on independence, and see such moves as a regression, this trend raises questions about how people can live productively and interdependently in the current age. Despite the finding that parents' wellbeing may decline with the return of "boomerang children", there are other positives to having grown children under the same roof, including a celebration of family, a sharing of financial loads and household chores, as well as emotional support and a decrease in loneliness. About Claire Madden Claire Madden ( is a social researcher, keynote speaker and media commentator interpreting social trends and implications of generational change.  As a keynote speaker, Claire is highly regarded for her dynamic and engaging presentations where she translates robust, research-based [...]

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