Gaining Trust with Future Generations at Work

Gone are the days where ‘trust’ is assumed because the organisation has been well established for years.  Gone are the days where ‘trust’ is given to the leader because they have the title or wear the badge ‘CEO’ or ‘boss’.  Gone are the days where people will be invisible and work tirelessly at the bottom rung of the ladder, with very limited feedback, support and job interest, simply in hope that one day they may be noticed and be able to climb up to the next rung.  But let’s just take a moment to consider why emerging generations may be approaching work and trust from a different angle. Generation Z (born 1995-2009) have grown up in a rapidly changing, technologically immersed world.  A world where they don’t see geographic boundaries defining community or connection.  A world of flatter structures – where they can connect with world leaders, celebrities, brands and friends through social networking platforms.  A world where barriers to entry have been broken down – previously to have a job opportunity, one needed to do entry level work in an organisation – whereas today people are more empowered to market directly to their ‘followers’, embrace the gig economy and connect their skill sets with market needs (from Uber driving through to online freelance platforms).  They have been saturated with limitless options for personalised learning and entertainment – and as a result, will only give their attention to programs, people and portals that are engaging (and often entertaining), where they see the point in investing into – and where it is fun and rewarding to do so.  They have become sensory engagers, expecting constant stimulation, and opportunities to be not only the consumers but also [...]

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Claire Madden Keynote Speaker Showreel

Claire Madden M.A. (Lead.), B.A. (Comms.) Watch Claire Madden's latest keynote speaker showreel here. Claire Madden ( is a leading voice on Generation Z. As an author, social researcher, keynote speaker and media commentator, Claire is in demand internationally as an expert in interpreting social trends, demographics and implications of generational change. Claire is the author of Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials. Claire Madden Keynote Speaker Showreel Claire is highly regarded for her dynamic and engaging presentations where she translates robust, research-based content into strategic applications for educators, managers and business leaders. Claire is commissioned by some of the nation’s largest companies and leading brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society. Among Claire's client list includes Macquarie Bank, UBS, Citi Bank, Bendigo Bank, UTS, Macquarie University, TAFE, World Vision, The Salvation Army, ABC, IGA, Gatorade, Telekom (Europe), Danone, Discovery Channel, Surf Life Saving, Local Government NSW, Work Cover WA, Chubb, Holcim, Landgate, The University of Adelaide, Mentone Grammar, Australian Catholic University, Yarra Valley Grammar, Knox Grammar School, Compassion, Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, Ai Group, Institute of Public Administration Australia, Australian Taxation Office, Australasian Railway Association and People's Choice Credit Union. As a media commentator, Claire is regularly interviewed on prominent television programs including The Drum, The Project, SBS News, The Today Show, SkyNews, Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as on the radio and in print media. Claire is also a PhD candidate, studying the impact of Gen Z and work. To invite Claire to speak at your next event, please get in touch, email or call +61 2 8091 4321

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A Walk Down Memory Lane – Generational Map

I love asking audiences about the technology they remember using when they started working. It takes everyone on a ‘walk down memory lane’ as Builders’ explain how they used ‘punch cards’, Baby Boomers tell stories of needing to retype entire essays on typewriters, Gen X talk about the Commodore 64, Gen Ys (the Millennials) reflect on when they got their first email address (in the days when we chose addresses like “coolclaire9945@hotmail”), and Gen Z tend to go straight to social media. Generational theory is a helpful way of understanding the impact of social, technological and demographic influences on a group of people who grew up around the same time. Whilst it has its limitations, generational theory can help us understand the various perspectives people bring to their values and preferences around communication, socialisation, leadership, work-ethic and lifestyle preferences. Our society today is currently made up of six generations, and whilst sociologists vary on the years and nomenclature they attribute to each group, here is a simple overview of the generation map: • Builders (born pre 1945) • Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) • Generation X (born 1965-1979) • Generation Y – The Millennials (born 1980-1994) • Generation Z (born 1995-2009) • Generation Alpha (born 2010-2024)   The Builders (born pre 1945) “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.” Ross, b.1927 Born during the first four decades of the 20th century, the Builders generation has witnessed phenomenal change over their lifetime. As the name suggests, the Builders built and established much of the infrastructure and core institutions we know today. This generation experienced the Great Depression in the 1930s, and many served in World War II, which shaped their core values of home, family and [...]

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