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Claire Madden

Claire Madden

M.A. (Lead.), B.A. (Comms.)

Claire Madden (www.clairemadden.com) is a leading voice internationally on Generation Z. As an author, social researcher, keynote speaker and media commentator, Claire is in high demand as an expert in interpreting social trends, demographics and implications of generational change. Claire is the author of Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials.

Claire is highly regarded for her dynamic and engaging presentations where she translates robust, research-based content into strategic applications for educators, managers and business leaders. Claire is commissioned by some of the nation’s largest companies and leading brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society.

As a media commentator, Claire is regularly interviewed on prominent television programs including The Drum, The Project, The Today Show, SkyNews, Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as on the radio and in print media. Claire is on the board of a financial services company and is also a PhD candidate, studying the impact of Gen Z and work.

Claire is also the Founder and Director of the research based strategy and communications agency, Hello Clarity (www.helloclarity.com.au).

For more information on Claire Madden’s keynote presentations and workshops, client testimonials, contact information and more, please take a look at Claire’s Speaking Pack, available as a printable PDF.

To enquire about booking Claire to speak at your next event, please email info@clairemadden.com or call the office on +612 8091 4321.

Speaking Sessions

The emerging generations comprise today’s students, but they are also the emerging employees and a consumer force in their own right, and beyond that, they have unprecedented influence over parental purchases, and over the next two decades will be the recipients of the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer in history.  Claire is a social researcher with years of experience in understanding and shaping youth culture and developing emerging leaders.  Whether it be a staff and teacher development day for educational organisations, a management training workshop for employers or a keynote address on marketing and branding for a corporate audience, Claire is at ease in presenting and facilitating at both conference and in-house contexts.

Examples of the sessions that Claire delivers:

  • Conference keynotes
  • Management and employer workshops
  • Marketing and branding workshops
  • In-house sessions
  • Intergenerational team training
  • Board briefings and strategic planning retreats
  • Education professional development days

Keynote & Workshop Topics

From the Baby Boomers and Generation X and Generation Y, it is now Generation Z and Generation Alpha that are emerging.  These new generations are global, social, visual and technological.  They are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generations ever.  They are the up-agers, with influence beyond their years.  They are the tweens, the teens, the youth and young adults of our global society.  They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders.  They comprise nearly 2 billion people globally, and they don’t just represent the future, they’re creating it.  To understand the trends, to respond to the changes, and to be positioned to thrive in these changing times, it is essential to understand these next gens.

Take a look at Claire’s speaking topics below:

Engaging Generation Z

Behind the screens of the emerging cohort of students, customers and employees

For Generation Z (born 1995-2009), a world of Wi-Fi is the only one they have ever known. Digital is their default, Siri is their personal assistant and with over 6 billion Google searches every day, access to any piece of information is only ever seconds away.  They are digital linguists, social networkers, global collaborators and sensory engagers. In this session, Claire will unpack key characteristics of this emerging generation, and equip you with keys to better understand, engage and work with the generation who are the most formally educated, technologically literate and globally networked generation in history.

Hello Gen Z // LIVE

A collaborative + dynamic presentation into the world of Gen Z presented by Claire and a Gen Z on stage!

We can talk about the cohort of Gen Z emerging into our education institutions, workplaces and as our growing customer base – but in this session you get to hear live from a Gen Z, alongside Claire Madden who has spent many hours research this generation and is skilled at interpreting the perspectives of this generation and the implications of their new approaches for educators, managers and leaders.  (This presentation is subject to availability of Claire and one of her Gen Z team).

Lead, Manage & Engage Generations

Creating an engaging culture, building multigenerational teams

In a world of online networks and communities, increased mobility and constant transitions, creating a vibrant, dynamic and engaging workplace culture is key in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.  Culture effectively fills the gap between what is officially announced and what actually experienced.  From embracing a culture of collaborative innovation through to creating ownership around a shared purpose and vision, in this session Claire will provide keys to facilitating greater engagement across multigenerational teams.

Educating Screenagers

Gen Z as learners + pedagogical implications for educational sector

The rapid acceleration of technological advancements and the increased integration of digital devices into our lives has demanded that pedagogical approaches adapt and change to facilitate most effective learning for Gen Z, the Screenagers.  For a generation who ‘just Google it’ and have Siri as their homework companion, educators are at the forefront of needing to respond to the changes as the emerging generations redefine working, learning and community.  From sensory engagers to digital linguists and social networkers, this session will deliver insights from the latest research on characteristics defining Gen Z.  Claire’s session will also unpack implications for the education sector, from flipped learning to virtual libraries and connected classrooms.

The Future of Work

Leveraging opportunity and innovation amidst disruption, preparing teams for the future of work

In the wave of computerisation, global connectivity and automation across our workforce, it is estimated 40% of our jobs will be threatened by computerisation in the next 10-15 years.  The jobs which are more likely to be safe are those that require high levels of creativity and problem solving, high levels of social interaction and EQ, and high levels of dexterity.  Workers of the future will need to be lifelong learners, be agile and adaptive to changing job roles and tasks with increased automation, and be responsive to new markets.  Emerging generations will not be thinking ‘job for life’ – they will be thinking about job mobility rather than job security as they will need to continue to adapt to the changing external environment.  They will be looking to gain transferable skills that they can continue to build on as their career develops. Claire will unpack how you can position your organisation and teams for the future of work.

A Demographic Snapshot

Demographic, social and generational realities transforming the business landscape

Demographic realities, including a growing and ageing population, changing household types and cultural and generational diversity impact our society, economy and workforce in multiple ways.  Along with the impact of technological change, demographics drive the growth opportunities for employment sectors, impacting where the jobs of the future will emerge from.  With the increased densification of our cities, not only are household structures changing, but lifestyle patterns and the building of communities is being redefined.  With six generations in our communities, business leaders need to engage the Builders through to the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha.  In this session, Claire will provide a overview of the key mega trends which are shaping our society, and highlight the impact on your sector and workforce.

Unlocking Your Why

Keys to motivating and inspiring your workforce to attract, engage and retain top talent

Leaders and managers of organisations often feel the pressure of keeping up with the latest technologies, office design, and flexi-working strategies to attract and engage the current and emerging cohort of workers.  While attending to these areas can facilitate improved work options and productivity, there is a deeper level of engagement of teams which can be unlocked when people are intrinsically motivated (not just externally rewarded).  Helping people connect with your organisations ‘why’ resonates on a deeper level than simply ‘getting the tasks done’.  It has the power to connect the values and mission of the organisation with the internal motivations of employees – engaging head, heart and hands in their work.  In this session Claire will help you get clarity on your ‘why’ and understand how to communicate this with your teams.

Claire Madden spoke at TEDx QUT on creating a culture of collaborative innovation. What will workplaces look like when the most material endowed, technologically literate, formally educated, and globally connected generations reach employment age? Claire gives us an insight into what the future of work could look like with Gen Z and Gen Alpha at the wheel.