Pre-order book – Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials

Pre-order book – Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials

A comprehensive and intriguing guide into the minds and motivations of Generation Z.

The new book from Claire Madden, Australia’s foremost social researcher on generational engagement.

When asking Generation Z (born 1995-2009) to describe what has defined and what has shaped their generation, the overwhelming response was technology.  It is not only the number of devices and how frequently they interact with digital technologies, but how technology has shaped their thinking, facilitated communication, redefined community, become core to their learning and become almost like a companion to them, which is extraordinary.

The age at which you are exposed to technology is likely to influence how you use it and how integrated it becomes into your life.  All the generations alive today use digital technologies as part of their everyday life, however the extent of technological integration for Gen Zs seems to have almost reached saturation point.

Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials is being released late October 2017.  Written by social researcher and media commentator Claire Madden, this book equips leaders, managers, parents and educators alike to understand the emerging generation.  With input from over 100 Gen Zs woven throughout the book, it lifts the lid on what is going on behind the scenes of Gen Z and their digitally immersed, globally connected and socially networked lives.


“Claire Madden provides a fascinating insight into the world of post-Millennials, their predecessors like me and what might follow.  If there is one thing that characterises this world, it is the increasingly pervasive role of technology. This has transformed the way we work, think and interact with each other. Will Gen Z share my hope as a Baby Boomer that technology continues to serve us rather than the other way around? Claire provides the authoritative guide.”

Professor Roy Green, Dean of UTS Business School

“If you are in leadership, or on a journey that will see your leadership responsibilities grow, you need to read this book….within its pages are the heart beats, mindset and language of your future employees and the customers they will serve. Your ability to engage their hearts into the mission of your organisation will define your effectiveness as a leader of the Gen Z team members.”

George Savvides, Health Sector CEO
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