Hello Gen Z: Author Claire Madden in The Daily Telegraph

Hello Gen Z: Author Claire Madden in The Daily Telegraph

The new book by social researcher Claire Madden, Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials, is now here. Claire’s research on Generation Z was highlighted in a double page feature in The Daily Telegraph, written by Bruce McDougall, on Saturday 7 October 2017:

Nathan White, Brooke Irving with Gen Z book author Claire Madden (centre). Picture: Darren Leigh Roberts

“It’s time to unlock the mysteries of the digital generation and understand why modern youth is hooked on social media sites…

They’re the most formally educated generation in history and they are the smartest when it comes to technology. But Generation Z communicate with each other in a code that baffles the rest of Australia.

Their rules are their own. From a penchant to words such as “lit” and an aversion to full stops, Gen Z have recrafted communication for their own purposes. 

In good news for those seeking to understand them, the lid is about to be lifted on the secret language Gen Zs… following a landmark study by social researcher Claire Madden.

For her book Hello Gen Z… Madden spoke to more than 100 Gen Zs aged eight to 22–most of them teens, or “screenagers” as she calls them–to help Australians better understand them and unlock their vast potential…”

A digital edition of the article is available here.

Hello Gen Z reveals the critical importance of knowing how to engage this generation of hyperconnected, agile and adaptive digital savants as employees, consumers and emerging leaders. Hello Gen Z is required reading for any organisation wanting to future-proof and unlock the potential of the Post-Millennials.

You can purchase your copy of Hello Gen Z here. Bulk order discounts are also available.


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