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In the Media

As a social researcher, business consultant and media commentator, Claire Madden is actively involved in media commentary. From social trends analysis to generational engagement and future forecasts, Claire is invited to discuss key issues across a range of media channels.

For any media enquiries please email us at, or call our offices at +61 2 8091 4321. To arrange a media interview, please email or call +61 411 616 240.

Claire Madden spoke at TEDx QUT on creating a culture of collaborative innovation. What will workplaces look like when the most material endowed, technologically literate, formally educated, and globally connected generations reach employment age? Claire gives us an insight into what the future of work could look like with Gen Z and Gen Alpha at the wheel.

Claire is uniquely placed as an expert on social trends, organisational culture and generational engagement. From her role on TV, radio and in print as a media commentator, to delivering keynote presentations at business conferences, Claire is in demand as a social researcher who is also an engaging communicator. To book Claire to speak at your next event, please email