Generation Z Online Masterclass Launch

Generation Z Online Masterclass Launch

Introducing Gen Z:

When asking Generation Z (born 1995-2009) to describe what defines and what has shaped their generation, the overwhelming response was technology and social media.  It is not only the number of devices and how frequently they interact with digital technologies, but how technology has shaped their thinking, facilitated communication, redefined community, become core to their learning and become almost like a companion to them, which is extraordinary.  All the generations alive today use digital technologies as part of their everyday life, however the extent of technological integration for Gen Zs seems to almost have reached saturation point.  As one Gen Z, born 1997 put it, “I think we’re definitely a generation that has become very dependent on technology and I think it’s become quite integrated to the point where we probably don’t know how to do a normal day without that being a solid core of it”.

For Gen Zs, there is a seamless integration between online and offline.  They move between face to face and digital platforms for social life, conversations, learning, assessments, work and play with a fluidity and ease, and as a Gen Z born in 1995 put it, “My iPhone is core to my life…”.  It is used for everything from entertainment to managing your calendar and appointments and of course, the constant scrolling of social media and staying in touch with friends As a Gen Z born in 2002 stated, “our generation are pretty technology dependent. It’s what we use for apply for jobs, it’s basically everything revolves around technology these days”.  Online creates a context for the continuation of the offline interactions, and vice versa.  Online creates material, including jokes and memes, which provides content for conversation when they next meet in a face to face situation.  Technology is also often turned to as a way of filling an awkward silence or to fill a void where the face to face conversation gets a little dull.  As one Gen Z put it, “Technology often makes its way into face to face contact, you might be at dinner and out comes the phone and you go on Facebook even when you’re with someone. If it gets a bit boring or the conversation trails off you might get on your phone”.

The immediacy and increasingly immersive nature of technology has significantly shaped the worldview of Gen Z.  The digital era they have grown up in has shaped their notion of socialising, their expectations of entertainment, the leadership styles they connect with, how they learn and what will attract, engage and retain them at work.

Introducing Generation Z Online Masterclass:

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After many of the presentations I’ve delivered, clients have been requesting a way to find out more about Gen Z and also in a format that is accessible for professional development of their staff around the world.  The Generation Z online masterclass series is designed for exactly that – and in a format where the 10 modules that can be completed at the desired speed for each participant.

The Generation Z Online Masterclass Series has been designed for educators, parents, leaders, managers and their teams.  This online masterclass will equip you to better understand and engage this emerging generation, and will also keep you in the loop about streaks on Snapchat and why tbh you want to be lit but not salty. If you don’t know what that last sentence meant, it’s time to go to and enrol in the masterclass that will teach you all things Gen Z!

What you will learn:

This 10 module online masterclass series will provide a comprehensive overview of Generation Z, including:

  • The Generations Defined – so you can find out where you fit in the generation map and how the six generations in our communities have been shaped with different perspectives.
  • Meet Generation Z – which unpacks the 5 characteristics defining Gen Z across a two part module.
  • The WHY of Social Media – which is a 2 part module which unpacks the 10 key reasons why Gen Z spend so many hours on these platforms.
  • The WHAT of social media – where you will gain insight into the key platforms they’re using – Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – and understand the evolving purposes of these platforms.
  • Educating Screenagers – a module specifically designed for educators and for any of us who are connecting with Gen Zeds so we can better understand how they learn.
  • Leading Gen Z – which will equip you with 7 characteristics that Gen Z look for in leaders.
  • Attract, Engage, Retain Gen Z – A two part module that unpacks the expectations, priorities and goals of Gen Z at work, and how organisations can be positioned to attract, engage and retain top Gen Z talent.

Launch Special:

It’s launch week – so for the next 7 days use the coupon code “genzlaunch” at the checkout and save $50!

Find out more or sign up at


Claire Madden is a social researcher, keynote speaker and founder and facilitator of the Generation Z Online Masterclass.  For more, visit


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